Office 365 with OneDrive Training

The majority of companies are now moving to Office 365. What is it, and how is it different from regular Microsoft Office applications on your computer? In this class you will learn the cool features of Office 365 as well as how to get around, how to adjust settings, and how to share information with others.

Class Price: $59

Training Class Goal

Students exiting this class will be familiar with the features of Office 365 including navigation, sharing documents with OneDrive, using outlook and other cool features.


Students entering this class should possess general knowledge of the use of a computer, including the ability to use a mouse (click, double-click, right-click, click-and-drag), and the ability to type on a keyboard.

Topics Covered

  • General navigation
  • Using OneDrive
  • Customizing OneDrive
  • Outlook
  • Cool hidden features
  • Accessing and using Apps
  • How to access Skype for IM

The Office 365 training is optimal for those who are moving to the new interface. It will give you the skills needed to work within the cloud software, collaborate with others, learn new features and functionality.

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