Introduction to Sales & Business Development

Class Price: $450

What’s included – a $980 value with:

  • Face-to-face, live interactive class
  • Retake – allows you to retake the entire class if you need a refresher within 6 months
  • Lunch & Learn session – choose from different topics to learn something new in the future
  • Hard copy training manual – to take notes and take with you for future reference
  • Just Tips Newsletter subscription – for ongoing monthly tips to help you learn even more!

Sales and MarketingLearn the fundamentals to asking people for money in exchange for your product or service.  Learn how to build instant rapport, how to make a value offer, how to follow-up without being obnoxious, and how to close deals with ease and confidence.

Training Class Goal

Students will be understand how to move a prospect from introduction to solution and to value exchange.  They will learn how to prospect with rapid rapport-building skills and build a consistently full pipeline.  They will learn to track their numbers, how to have the sales conversation, how ask for the sale confidently, and how to consistently sign more clients.


There are no requirements to attend this class. However, be sure to know your sales targets and sales cycle information, and bring sample contracts if available.

Topics Covered

Prospecting with Rapport

  • Understand Your Role in Representing a Brand/Product and Maintaining Your Individuality
  • Learn to Engage with Prospects with Rapport and Personality, to Gain Like and Trust
  • Understand How to Listen and Identify the Needs of the Prospect
  • Learn When and How to Tell Your Brand Story
  • Learn to Position Yourself and Your Product as an Authority in the Market and a Solution to Their Problem
  • How to Tell Which Prospecting Fields Are Worth Investing Your Time and Energy Into

Goals and Numbers-Tracking

  • Importance of Goal-Setting and Proper Motivation
  • Key Elements of a Well-Written Goal
  • Understanding Which Numbers to Track, and What They Mean

The Fortune in the Follow-Up

  • Identifying the Sales Cycle
  • Basic Understanding of CRM’s and How To Track a Prospect’s Progress Through the Cycle
  • Understanding the Value of Consistent Touch-Points
  • Creating a Follow-Up Plan that Works for You

The Sales Conversation / Asking for the Sale

  • Understanding the Importance of the Value Proposition and When to Ask for the Sale
  • How and When to Use a Trial Close Question
  • How to Overcome Objections and Tie Them Back to Value Points
  • Learn the Ask / Agree / Suggest Method of Guiding Their Train of Thought
  • Discover (and Practice!) Various Methods of Asking for the Sale (Build Your Closer’s Toolbox)

Controlling the Energy and Quality of the Client Experience

  • Learn How to Control the Energy Level of the Prospect / Avoid Dis-Energizing Pitfalls
  • Understanding How to Value the Client and the Offer Instead of Assuming They Won’t Buy / They Can’t Afford It / They Aren’t Ready
  • Guarding Your Own Energy / Mindset to Avoid Negativity and Be At Your Best Every Day

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