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Training survey

When it comes to training, you are the boss.

When we create our classes, as well as our comprehensive training programs, we do it with you, the individual student, as well as our corporate partners in mind. We develop our classes to meet the needs of students who are looking to develop their skills and advance their careers. We also seek to create custom training plans that meet the demands of your organization as a whole. We listen to your feedback, and tailor our classes and programs to the get you the best training for yourself and your company.

Do you organize training for your company or team?  Then we would love to hear from you! We would be grateful if you took a couple of minutes to fill out the following survey on your organization’s training program.

Click the link below to take our survey:


Check out our website for our full calendar of computer training and professional development classes, or talk to our sales department about how we can build a customized training program for your company at (303) 900-0850 in Colorado, (602) 955-7787 in Arizona, or