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Four Questions that should be asked before Project Launch

1. What do we know and what do we need to know? This is Data Gathering.
2. What could go wrong and what could go right? This is Risk Management.
3. What has already gone right or wrong? This is Problem-Solving and Seizing Opportunities.
4. What decisions need to be made now?

When these four questions are answered, in order, it is time to proceed with the project launch.

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Access – Normalizing Tables

Not sure if you separated out the fields in the tables correctly? Normalizing your database is key to building an easy to use database. Using the “Analyze Table” command, Access will make recommendations. It then allows you to keep or alter the suggestions.

The steps for using this functionality is as follows:

  1. Click the Database Tools tab and then the Analyze Table command, located in the Analyze group.Jan2017JT1
  2. The first two screens give descriptions about the analyzer, with Show Example buttons to help you understand the process. Click the Next buttons to pass these two screens.
  3. In the next screen, select the table you want analyzed and click the Next button.Jan2017JT2
  4. Leave the Yes, Let the wizard decide choice selected and click the Next button. The next screen will allow you to check out the suggestions and make any necessary changes.
  5. Drag and drop fields between the tables, if needed.
  6. Rename the tables, if necessary, by double clicking on the top area of each table you wish to rename.Jan2017JT3
  7. A dialog box to rename the table will appear. Type in the new name and click the OK button.Jan2017JT4
  8. Click the Next button to go to the next step.
  9. The last step will ask if you want to create a query, based on the tables being split up. Select Yes or No, and then click the Finish button.
  10. The tables and queries (if query creation was selected) will be created.

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New Year…New Site!

By the time you read this, we will have a new website, new courses, and a new 2017 schedule!

Mission Critical Training (formerly ETS, for those of you in Arizona) has just launched a new, easier to navigate website. In addition to free skill assessments, a new course content search feature, and an upgraded calendar, you’ll now be able to register a free account on our site. With your user account, you will be able to track your skill assessments, see your upcoming classes, keep a record of the classes you’ve already taken, and even download class certificates. Also, when you register for an online account, you’ll be eligible for members-only specials!

Take some time to explore our new site, and let us know what you think.  (There may even be a contest later this Spring!)

Excel Print Titles

Are you tired of holding printed sheets next to each other to compare the row or column headers? Ever wonder how to get the header rows or columns to show up on each printed page of an Excel worksheet? This video will show you how to add them.

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